What is Scientology? Ask the Real Experts

Millions use Scientology applied religious philosophy to improve their lives and increase their understanding of themselves, their friends and families.

Members of churches of Scientology from around the world are eager to communicate about anything you may have on your mind, and offer their help and advice. These are the REAL experts on the Scientology religion - people who apply Scientology principles every day to improve their lives and help others.

Many Scientologists experienced problems with stress, anxiety and depression and overcame these things, and became drug-free with the help of Scientology technology.

Scientologist On-line

Through this portal you can locate the web sites of thousands of individual Scientologists. Whether you are just curious about Scientology or you have a problem you need help with, here are people who will answer your questions and share their experience with you. The site is categorized by country, so you can browse through the directory to locate Scientologists from the United Kingdom. If you want help, you can search for someone who has experienced a similar problem to yours. You can also use the search feature to reach a specific Scientologist or find someone with the same interests, hobbies or profession as you.

Scientology: Meet Scientologists from the United Kingdom
Scientology: Meet Scientologists from Around the World

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